Transformations on the Shore 2017

Competition Dates

 Wednesday, June 21 - Sunday, June 25, 2017

Frank James Park Standing Logs

Don't miss the 21st Annual Transformations on the Shore

at Frank James Park in Willow Point, Campbell River, BC

Categories: Professional, Semi-Professional, Amateur and Novice.

Awesome Carving Site right on the shoreline of Discovery Passage

with incredible views of the Discovery Islands

and the Mainland Coastal Mountain range. 

2016 Carvers

This year's carvers pose on the beach after five days of hard carving

Another Successful Transformations On The Shore

It's over and here are all the carvers with their raw logs and their finished creations.

Many thanks to them all for providing such great entertainment and a Huge Thank You to all the volunteers who make this possible. See you all next year.

 Photos courtesy of John Hawkins and Tall Bob Palmer


Ryan Cook


Junior Henderson


Cody LaFrance


Ulla Haglund


Kevin Lewis


Jesse Toso



Shea Larking


Adam Youngblut


Randy Gauthier


Angela Kroeker


Warren Little




Sandi Cleaver


Fabian Rousseau


Amanda Chalmers


Rob and Deb Clandenning




Dianna Mark Meston


 Marina Cole




Jerry Strelioff, Howard Lobb and Max Chickite (Consultants and Judges)

Collaborative Carving


Glenn Greensides (Consultant)


Once again, Thanks and Kudos to all the volunteers

Day Five - Judgement Day

Today is Judging Time and the list of carvers, their categories and placement are listed below.

The Carvers:


1st Place - Ryan Cook - "Poseidon"

2nd Place - Junior Henderson - "Who Gives A Hoot"

3rd Place - Cody LaFrance - "Cemetery Gates"

Ulla Haglund - "Granpa"

Kevin Lewis - "Dragon Hunter"

Jesse Toso - "Akumal Dream"


1st Place - Shea Larking - "Wild BC"

2nd Place - Adam Youngblut - "On The Pier"

3rd Place - Randy Gauthier - "The Lycan Mad"

Angela Kroeker - "Lions Pride"

Warren Little - "Full Moon"


1st Place - Sandi Cleaver - "We're Starvin' Seagulls"

2nd Place - Fabian Rousseau - "Wild Man Of The Forest"

3rd Place - Amanda Chalmers - "A Feather In Her Cap"

Rob & Deb Clandenning - "It's A Good Day"

Novice (no placing, carvings auctioned)

Marina Cole - "Fallen"

Dianna Mark Meston - "(Not So) Light House"

People's Choice

Ryan Cook

Carver's Choice (a tie)

Junior Henderson and Marina Cole


Glenn Greensides - "Running The Gauntlet"

Jerry Strelioff, Howard Lobb, Max Chickite (a collaboration) - "Spirit of Nations"


Jerry Strelioff, Howard Lobb, Max Chickite


Keep tuned for more pics of the carvers with their finished masterpiece and the raw log it was created from (it will be a few days as yours truly needs a rest after site clean up and has to go down Island for a couple of days - boy, these carvers create lots of sawdust but we love 'em all and are truly blessed to have them here and become part of our growing carving family.

Day Four - Getting Close

It's Day Four and the carvings are getting close to the finishing stages

Future Carver? and something different

This is Hard Work

Different Styles

Big and Tall

This is the Traditional West Coast carving at its best

Traditional Beach Salmon BBQ

Happy 20th Transformations on the Shore Max