1st Place Junior Henderson (Hungry for Wealth)
2nd Place Cody LaFrance (Charming)
3rd Place Jesse Toso (Master in Disguise)
Michael Penny (Tim the Enchantor)

1st Place Matthew Knee (Bob)
2nd Place Larry Hoflin (Guardian of the Forest)
3rd Place Rick Sewid (The Dragon)

1st Place Tori Sewid (Day and Night)
2nd Place Sandi Cleaver (Gone Fishing)
3rd Place Dianna Mark (Swan Song – Miss You)
Amanda Chalmers (Beauty of the Reef)
Steve Ordano (Gord Downie Tribute Bench)

Glenn Greensides (Two is Better than One)
Howard Lobb (Cormorant Rock)
Dan Richey (Man Cave)
Jerry Streliof (Salmon Bench

Two of our Consultants mentored Novices
Dan Richey mentored Vaden Burt
Jerry Streliof mentored Chris Lazuk and Troy Blue