2022 Transformations on the Shore – June 22-26

It’s almost time for the carving to begin.
The logs are here (eight beautiful 10 foot long pieces of cedar).

We have some incredible carvers this year who will create wonderful benches from these logs.
Our carvers:
Jr Henderson (Campbell River) will carve with Brigitte Lochhead (Vancouver)
Matt Vaillancourt (Campbell River) will carve with Jerry Strelioff (Campbell River)
John Lavell (Vancouver) will carve with Max Chickite (Campbell River)
Dan Richey (Nanaimo) will be assisted by his spouse Veronique
Amanda Chalmers (Campbell River) will create solo
Clinton Bleaney (Powell River) will create solo
Steve Ordano (Campbell River) will create his driftwood specialty


Eight beautiful cedar logs waiting to be transformed into – who knows but they will be beautiful – logs courtesy of Western Forest Products

It takes a BIG truck to transport those big logs – special thanks to John Ellis at Pacific Wood Waste