The 2024 edition of Transformations on the Shore was a success, the weather could have been better but some awesome carvings were created. Thanks to Ryan Cook for being our great auctioneer.


Lto R Front Row: Max Chickite, Marlo Wylie, Tao Feng, Jesse Toso, Steve Ordano, Alisdair MacLeod, Volker Steigemann, Brigitte Lochhead, Dan Richey
Back Row: Karver Everson, Ryan Cook, Kevin Lewis, Ben Hemara, Clinton Bleaney

People’s Choice 1st. place $2,000 (courtesy of Myra Falls Mine)

The Big Winner: Clinton Bleaney

People’s Choice 2nd. place Chainsaw (courtesy of Echo and Terry’s Power)

Dan Richey

People’s Choice 3rd. place Safety Gear (courtesy of Stihl and C&L Rentals)

Brigitte Lochhead


Volker Steigemann

Tao Feng

Steve Ordano and Alisdair MacLeod

Max Chickite

Kevin Lewis

Karver Everson and Marlo Wylie

Junior Henderson

Jesse Toso

Ben Hemara

Kelly Krause, winner of 50/50 draw ($3600)