Would you like to participate as a carver to this exciting event?

Event rules and policies

  1. All carvings remain the property of Campbell River Shoreline Arts Society (CRSAS). They will be displayed at the discretion of CRSAS.
  2. All carving must be done at the park during competition hours.
  3. CRSAS reserves the right to refuse an applicant to compete. A valid reason will be given at the time of refusal.
  4. All judging decisions are final. CRSAS therefore will not hear protests. Judges independence is important to the integrity of the competition.
  5. Logs will be chosen on Tuesday, June 25, 2024. Names will be drawn for picking order.
  6. CRSAS to provide wood to be carved.
  7. Alcohol and drugs are prohibited. Anyone under the influence or in possession will be asked to leave.
  8. All carvings must remain on site for the duration of the competition and may only be moved with permission of CRSAS.
  9. Carving to start Wednesday, June 26, 2024. You may start each day at 7:00 am and must stop by 7:00 pm. On Sunday June 30, 2024 carving to stop at 10:00 am. Auction will follow – exact time to be determined.
  10. Carvers must supply and use their own equipment. This includes all safety equipment – i.e. face protection, eye protection, hearing protection, bucker’s pants and steel-toed footwear. Please see rule number 18.
  11. Carvers are allowed and encouraged to set up a gazebo type tent. This will protect you from the elements and help protect your wood from cracking.
  12. Carvers are allowed to accept commissions during the event. You may not carve this commission during the event (see rule 1)
  13. With permission of event staff one (1) helper may be allowed on site. This helper may not roam around the site. Family members and friends are not allowed inside the safety barriers. This has been a problem in the past and this rule will be enforced this year. No pets are allowed on site without permission from CRSAS.
  14. Commercial advertising not allowed to be carved into sculptures.
  15. Category chosen by carver at time of entry in competition cannot be changed later.
  16. Spray Painting will only be permitted if adequate protection is utilized to prevent over-spray of other carvers, volunteers, spectators, parked vehicles, etc.
  17. Care must be exercised when using torches. The area around the carving must be sprayed with water prior to burning.
  18. Appropriate safety gear and compliance to safety procedures is imperative, for both personal and public safety.

Mandatory Safety Gear:

  • Full-length chaps or chainsaw safety pants
  • Safety glasses or face shield
  • Earmuffs or earplugs
  • Chain-brake
  • Steel-toed safety boots
  • Leather or Kevlar gloves when using grinders or sanders (driftwood and hand-tool carvers – leather apron when using hand-held knives)
  • Sharp tools (dull tools are dangerous)
  • If in doubt about a procedure, please ask a consultant.

Tools that will not be allowed are:

  • Chainsaw discs for angle grinder (e.g. Lancelot)
  • Angle grinders with no safety handle or guard

Recommended Safety Procedures:

  • Ground-starting for chainsaws
  • Safe operation of saws
  • Secure scaffolding – no carving off of ladders
  • No working in awkward, unsafe positions – lying on back, working overhead

Rules are subject to change.
We look forward to seeing you at Transformations on the Shore and appreciate your adherence to these mandatory safety regulations.