This year, as usual our great carvers created some magic.

We have a special creation (a long house entrance) carved by Jr. Henderson, Karver Everson and Ernest Puglas as three separate pieces (two upright posts and a lintel sitting on the top).

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This year for the first time we held a 50/50 draw and our lucky winner is Perry Desbois who went home happy with a cheque for $4,080 (congratulations Perry).
We thank all who purchased tickets and maybe it will be you picking up a nice cheque next year.

Below are pics of our creations this year.

Come down to Frank James Park in Willow Point to view them if you haven’t already checked them out.

A big SHOUT OUT to Western Forest Products for donating such awesome logs for our carvers to do their magic with.


This year’s carvers Left to Right: Brigitte Lochhead, Karver Everson, Ernest Puglas, Jr. Henderson, Ben Hemara,
Steve Ordano, Volker Steigemann, Clinton Bleaney, Jesse Toso, Marina Cole, Dan Richey (missing John Lavell)